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      Electrical connection carrier in the industry to create competition

      date: 2015-07-11
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      The rapid development of the domestic industry, attracted many international manufacturer of electrical connectivity products to enter the domestic market, the Nuggets, along with domestic local enterprises in the high-end connectors electrical connection technology continues to progress, the gradual elimination of technical barriers, the industry overall strength into another competition stage. Wang said this: "The new competition situation has emerged, along with high-end technology of foreign enterprises monopoly was broken in recent years, these foreign companies in the domestic competition policy has changed, we can say the market more competitive." As long as there is a market, there must be competition exists, it is an indisputable fact, but only in the competition down to the survival and development of enterprises have more vitality. We face the new competitive situation which respond strength?

      First, the price of localization. Given recent technological competitiveness weakened, also introduced a series of economic foreign products, it can be said to enter the price competition. Wang believes that under the premise of improving technical performance, price competition with foreign brands and local businesses, the low-cost strategy in the final to win or local brands.

      Second, the rapid on-site service. It can be said pre-sales and after-sales service is one of many foreign competition in the domestic market in the short board, we have offices and distributors throughout the country, agents, business services can be done in a timely manner to solve customer problems quickly.

      Third, the market reflects the speed. Various industrial processes in all sectors of the regional, market demand and customer needs vary, according to industry demand of local enterprises can quickly organize personnel development, and foreign and development team in general abroad, reflecting the speed lag. For example, in solving customer system solutions, we first send technical personnel to examine the field application, and then listen to customer requirements, applicable to make the most complete solution.

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